Lincoln Building owners are able to share their units with others as they would any other real estate. Granted they follow local laws.

The HOA has some additional rules to be aware of, depending on the type of rental. These rules help ensure communication amongst interested parties and allow for proper emergency response.

Long-Term Rental

  • Tenant Contact Information - owner must share contact and lease period information shared with HOA via this form: Tenant & Lease Information

  • Entry Credentials - owner should create separate credentials for tenant entry to the building. If you need help: Entry System Ticket

  • Tenant on Slack - owner should encourage tenant to join Slack so they can follow resident-focused communications. Request Slack Invite

Short-Term Rental

  • Application Process - owner must apply and be approved for short-term rentals. Short-Term Rental Application

  • Video Doorbell - owner must have their own video doorbell installed to view comings and goings. Video Doorbell Guide

  • Stay Duration - guests bookings must be for two nights or more.

  • Arrival Announcement - owner must announce short-term rental guest arrivals (first names & duration of stay) 24-hours in advance via #short-term-rentals channel on Slack.

  • Entry Credentials - owner should create separate credentials for each guest for duration of stay. If you need help: Entry System Ticket

  • Manage Experience - owner is responsible for managing guest experience and tending to any issues in a reasonable timeframe.


Penalties will be assessed by the HOA Executive Board on a case-by-case basis and may include revoking short-term rental privileges.