HOA Dues

HOA dues are collected on the 14th day of every month. Dues go towards providing services to residents in the building including repair and regular maintenance of common areas. Dues can be paid in advance and should be placed in the management mailbox in the mail room of the building.

Services Provided by the HOA

Internet service (50↑ / 50↓ mbps) is delivered to all units through an agreement with Allo Fiber. A modem / router is provided to each unit and residents are able to upgrade / customize their service by contacting Allo Communications.

Additionally, sanitation and water services are covered by the HOA.

Who to Call?

Building Management

Lincoln Bldg HOA

(402) 937-9297


Progressive Electric

(402) 466-4222

Progressive did all the electrical work when the building was converted into condominiums. They are familiar with the building layout and can help with any electrical work.


O'Keefe Elevator Co

(402) 464-6307

Fire Sprinkler


(402) 438-7334


Green's Furnace & Plumbing Co.

(402) 467-4444

Green's has done a lot of work in the building, including the original installations as a part of the 2004 renovation. They have a key to the roof to access HVAC units.


Allo Communications

(866) 481-2556

When moving into the building, indicate that you are part of a group that has an existing agreement for 50↑ / 50↓; service can also be upgraded or customized.

If you would prefer to use another provider for Internet service, these are also available in the building:

Lock Smith

National Lock & Safe Co.

(402) 432-0097

For tenants that have been locked out, please call the building manager or the unit owner. National Lock & Safe Co. can assist with re-keying or changing of locks.


Park & Go

(402) 441-7275

Loading zones can be found on the north and west of the building. Parking there is limited to 30 minutes, the City of Lincoln has the right to ticket or tow any offenders. Metered street parking and garages are also available.

Monthly parking spots in nearby city garages can be obtained through Park & Go.


Patriot Plumbing

(402) 464-7411


Havelock & Carter Refuse Inc.

(402) 435-6165


Midwest Alarm Systems

(402) 474-3737



Executive Board Schedule

2022 HOA Executive Board Meeting Schedule

January 9

February 6

*March 6 - Request Invite

April 3

May 1

*June 5 - Request Invite

July 3

August 7

*September 4 - Request Invite

October 2

November 6

*December 4 - Request Invite

*Open to all owners